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LHA is totally volunteer-staffed. All business management costs are donated by our Board of Directors. NO expense accounts. Volunteers donate their own personal time and resources. Your donations go to the LHA General Fund to be used where needed OR to the specific project of your choice which will receive 100% of your donation.

For project specific donations using credit cards or PayPal, when you enter an amount, a small box appears which reads, "special instructions to the seller." Please name the specific project in this box. When mailing checks please just include a note with the name of your specific project. Thank you for your generosity! All donations are tax-deductible.
LHA is a 501-(C)(3) nonprofit organization.
To donate with PayPal or a credit card, click:

Donate by check payable to:
Louisiana Himalaya Association,
P.O Box 19826, New Orleans, LA 70179, USA

For bank draft Info, email: lha.neworleans@lhanola.com

For donations above $35K, please email
LHA President Neil E.Guidry, ACSW LCSW for details:
nguidry@tulane.com for details.

2017 Funding Needs – $51,700

Soup kitchen: The Ahimsa House - $14,400
Solar panels for The Ahimsa House - $4,700
Dental care: Tibetan Smiles Program - $7,000
Clean Water Program - $5,300
Medical Assistance Program - $4,000
Eye care: Clear Vision Program - $3,000
Commercial oven for soup kitchen - $7,800
Commercial coffee machine for shop - $3,000
Tibetan Elder Assistance Program - $1,000
Animal care: Veterinary assistance - $1,000
Shoes: Happy Feet Program - $500

For more information, see Projects in India.

om mani padme hum