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LHA is totally volunteer-staffed. All business management costs are donated by our Board of Directors. NO expense accounts. Volunteers donate their own personal time and resources. Your donations go 100% to the LHA General Fund to be used where most needed OR you may specify a project of your choice. For project-specific donations using credit cards or PayPal, a "Special Instructions" link appears when you enter an amount. Please name your project here. To use a check, please include a note naming your specific project or leave blank and it will be used where most needed.. Thank you for your generosity!
All donations are tax-deductible.
LHA is a 501-(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

To donate with PayPal or a credit card, click:

To donate by check payable to:
Louisiana Himalaya Association,
P.O Box 19826, New Orleans, LA 70179, USA

For bank draft Info, email: lha.neworleans@lhanola.com

For donations above $20K, please email
LHA President Neil E.Guidry, ACSW for details:

2024 Funding Goals – $64,700

• Tibetan Women Scholarship Fund - $14,000

• Green Renovations on Ahimsa House - $11,000

• Solar Energy Initiative- $9,700

• Clean Water Program - $9,000
(drinking water every day for over 10,000 people)

• Tibetan Smiles Program (dental care) - $7,000

• Public Health Initiative, Sewage Control - $3,000

• Clear Vision Program (eye care) - $3,000

• Intensive ESL for advanced monks/nuns – $2,000

• Tibetan Elder Assistance Program - $1,000

• Padmasambhava Library, Tso Pema - $5,000

For more information, see Projects in India.

om mani padme hum