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Group Trips to Dharamsala, India

Prior to the pandemic our Tibetan partners at Lha Charitable Trust hosted approximately twelve international groups annually. The staff coordinates volunteer activities, provide cultural and educational opportunities, and arrange accommodations and meals. Groups have traditionally been limited to a maximum of 12 participants in order to assure personalized experiences for all participants. Donations made by these groups to Lha Charitable Trust have been a major funding source which keeps the organization functioning, and has been crucial to our Tibetan friends since the first Tulane University student group visited in 2002. Group trips have played a major role in the sustainability and self-sufficiency Lha Charitable Trust. Thank you groups and group leaders!

Group Trips with Lha Charitable Trust over the past 20 years: Volunteer and/or Cultural Exchange

For more information about joining an upcoming group, or putting together a group for yourself or your organization, contact us via email at lha.neworleans@lhanola.com

Below are a few of the many groups that have been organized through different universities, organizations and/or individual group leaders:

Tulane Center for Public Service CPS – Undergraduates
Tulane Medical School – Medical students
Tulane School of Social Work - MSW students
Loyola University Study Abroad – Undergraduates
Loyola School of Nursing - Graduate nursing students
LSU Medical School - Medicaled students
Centenary College of Louisiana - Undergraduates
Ochsner Medical Center of Louisiana – Integrative Medicine
Ochsner of Louisiana - Mindful Medicine Conference for MDs
Louisiana/Mississippi Hospice and Palliative care organization
HCLA (Home Care Association of Louisiana) - for Homecare Nurses
Tibetan Footsteps – Mindfulness Trek across the Himalayas
Tibetan Buddhism and Mindfulness/meditation Training Groups

Funds generated by groups help to benefit LHA projects in India. The Louisiana Himalaya Association (LHA) does not organize, coordinate or in any way have responsibility for group trips to India. Groups are the responsibility of the universities, organizations, and/or individuals who put the groups together and once in India are hosted fully or partially by Lha Charitable Trust in Dharamsala, India.

"More than 15 years ago, volunteering with LHA changed the trajectory of my development as a physican. I returned on these group trips three times since, and worked with other international social work and health organizations. I find LHA’s approach to be unique and rare. LHA ensures that Western involvement does no harm, utilizing donated time and resources prudently, and focusing on long-term relationships. LHA has a long, successful history of simultaneously helping Tibetan exile communities, and exposing Westerners to a culture which has much to teach."
–Shuchin Shukla, MD, MPH

Ochsner Medical Center of New Orleans, in conjunction with
The Louisiana- Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care
(LMHPCO), Tibetan Delek Hospital and
Men-Tsee-Khan Institute for Tibetan Medicine organize an
annual Mindful Medicine Conference in Dharamsala, India.

Following LHA's mission, this conference and our other groups
focus on sharing information, skills and practices.

LMHPCO organized group trips focused on hospice
and palliative care issues within the Tibetan community.

Groups of medical students from Tulane and LSU have
come to India to provide general health assessments to
Tibetan refugees and refer those in need to local practitioners
for free dental, eye and medical care. Annually, more
than 300 refugees receive needed services, which are
paid for with funds raised by these student groups
and other generous donors.

Occassionally, groups meet The Dalai Lama. Here he is with Dean
Ron Marks and a Tulane University School of Social Work group.